Abstract concrete shapes


How Architecture Affects The Masses

When Michael Murphy, co-founder and CEO of MASS Design Group, took the stage at the 2016 annual TED conference in February, he focused on the effects simple architectural designs can have on an entire community. He asserted, “Architecture can be a transformative engine for change.” As a whole, we view...

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When Architecture Benefits From Virtual Reality

Architecture firms not already adopting virtual reality (VR) in their offices are faced with how they are going to respond to the changes and benefits virtual reality brings to the profession. Where three-dimensional imaging and the benefits of computer programs such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) have left off, VR...

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Business Card Designs That Wouldn’t Get Trashed

Across all disciplines, business cards remain as the most practical method of introducing one’s business or services among prospective clients. They are a timeless, tangible gesture that have been exchanged for years, and continue to do so. However, many business cards meet their fate by being thrown into an...

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