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A brand strategy is the development of a process that clearly positions the brand uniquely from its competition, whether real or perceived. The strategy can only be truly successful if all aspects of the products environment and target customer are fully understood.

Understanding the Dynamics of the Market:

  • Global focus of Architectural firms
  • Downsizing of firms and its effect on spec writing & libraries
  • Sustainability and its move towards energy efficiency
  • Technology with its speed of information and its expansion of devices

Understanding the Target Audience:

  • Demographics & Psychographics of typical firm
  • Adaptation of technology e.g. BIM
  • Research and data collection via web and social media
  • Rising influence of General Contractor in the product selection process
  • Motivations to specify certain product

Strategic Development & Direction:

  • Continuous focus grouping with Architects/ Designers and industry influencers
  • Study and analyze new technologies and motivational trends
  • Develop product S.W.O.T. analysis
  • Construct a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for the product

Executional Strategy:

  • Review product sales cycle and determine what marketing communication tools are required for maximum effect
  • If product education is key then such tools as CEU courses or webinars may be needed
  • Depending on the target audience, print or digital media (or both) may be the answer
  • Better tools for the sales force may be needed
  • What SOM Strategy should be developed and executed
  • Careful calibration of all or any of the tools above must be developed and executed in order to maximize the
    products effectiveness

Analytics Strategy:

  • Develop an analytics strategy that will maximize ROI
  • On-going monthly monitoring that allows for modifications to creative and media elements throughout the plan
  • Detect market and target audience trend movements and assist in building the next or future campaigns