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Social Media’s Role in the Architectural Market

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We live in an age where copious amounts of information can fly across the world in a matter of seconds. In this era, content is king and there is an insatiable hunger for content that would quickly surface and become consumed. This cultural phenomenon in which massive amounts of data are produced and distributed in little to no time was what made the creation of social media possible. In the world of B2B, particularly in the architectural market, social media offered businesses something unique and unprecedented, which has helped to shape the architectural market we see today.

Today, with the aid of social media, relationships between clients are more open than before. For example, a manufacturer can now have a relationship with an end user and see how their product is used. Without social media, this kind of insight would be nearly impossible to access.

The architectural market on social media is swarming with manufacturers, architects, fabricators, installers, and anyone else who has a role in the architectural market. Your presence in the social sphere can make a huge difference in terms of sales and customer relations.

Success on social media for any market ultimately depends more upon your strategy and content than having a million and one different social media accounts. For instance, architecture heavily relies on images. What platform would be suitable for high-resolution images of architecture? Research indicates that this kind of content would thrive on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, which is why the architectural market has a particularly strong presence on these platforms.

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Social media is a tool that businesses can use to gain a better understanding of customer demands and even competitive insight. It’s here where you are able to see who your competitors are talking to, what platforms they’re working off of, and the kind of content they are distributing. Additionally, social media gives you access to the most influential people in your market.

There are tons of benefits that social media can offer. You can establish a more visible brand image and gain notoriety. Linking up with other like-minded individuals is made possible, as well as attracting new clients. Distribution of content via social will inevitably generate SEO and can drive traffic back to your website. Utilization of social platforms can even allow your brand to emerge as a thought leader in your industry. All of these benefits are accessible, so long as a brand is able to listen and engage with their audience.