Abstract concrete shapes


The Skate-Able Home Of Jordan Hoffart

Professional skateboarder Jordan Hoffart grew up in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, just outside of Vancouver. In 2009, he turned pro, garnering sponsors such as Active Ride Shop, Vox Footwear and Bones Wheels and Bearings. By the age of 23, he moved down to Vista, California where he purchased a foreclosure...

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Green Residential Architecture Aims for Future Sustainability

Residential building in urban areas has a potentially high environmental impact because of the combination of pollutants in a condensed area. Sustainable building is key to urban planning and many different cities have already taken steps towards this goal. Through innovation, design and conscientiousness, aesthetically pleasing green solutions to our...

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Awkward Architecture: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

There are thousands of beautifully designed buildings in the world, from elegant family homes to “living” green architecture that serves more than just its human occupants. Architectural materials and design are continuously evolving, which allow for structures that we would have never thought possible. Here are a few examples of...

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