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7 Of The Best Architecture And Design Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Whether you are heading out on the open road this summer, spending lazy summer afternoons in the shade, or simply wanting to utilize commuting time, podcasts serve to entertain and to educate. Once you’ve decided you want to listen to a radio show streamed from your smart phone, it can take some time to choose the best one. Since we have our favorites on design and architecture bookmarked, we thought we would help simplify your search. With the proliferation of podcasts these days, it’s a good time to fall in love with radio again. Plus podcasts have the added bonus of helping you catch up with the latest design news during down time.

Design Matters With Debbie Millman

The one and only design expert Debbie Millman hosts the podcast, Design Matters. The show has been in production for over ten years giving viewers over 200 podcasts to choose from. Each show gives insight into the lives of editors, creators, creative directors, designers and writers. Millman exudes an easy demeanor leading her guests into thoughtful conversation that produces insights into the design field from an industry insider’s perspective.

DnA: Design & Architecture

This show offers a cool vibe on LA design. Hosted by Frances Anderton, she offers witty interviews with design and architecture luminaries. She explores the city and its history in architecture and creates an educational and fun monthly show. Occasionally the series ventures beyond the City of Angels for subjects like green design, but mostly she sticks with designers shaping LA’s future.

The Business of Architecture

Enoch Sears, host of The Business of Architecture, brings together the best of business and architecture. The series offers insight and inspiration into what is possible in the profession. This podcast gives an edge in the field for it’s informative discussions on business development, the “architecture” mindset, and even video marketing for architects.


Architects Evan Troxel, Cormac Phalen, and Neal Pann have a fun and approachable podcast that pulls back the curtain on what it is really like to work in the field of architecture. Tune in to what feels like a casual conversation among industry friends. The topics are widely varied and cover different design aspects, engineering, winning new work and working with clients. The trio has been described as, “The new voice of reality for the profession.”

99% Invisible

This popular weekly show covers design, architecture, and a wide range of topics in between. Award winning producer Roman Mars is the show’s host, leading the listener into thoughtful discourse on the creation of everyday things. Design is all around us, so much so that it can disappear from perception. Mars creates fascinating stories that once lived in peripheral curiosity and makes them center-stage with 99% Invisible.

AIA Podnet

The American Institute of Architecture produces their own podcast known as AIA Podnet. This is a great resource to tap into the issues affecting architecture from around the world. Whether you are an industry veteran or newcomer, the show’s topics on history, sustainability and career insights are designed to enlighten and inform. With nearly 300 episodes to choose from, there is something for everyone.

On The Grid

The designers running the show, Dan Auer, Andy Mangold, and Matt McInerney engage in intelligent conversation that is inviting and accessible. Their style of discussion and banter creates a platform to learn a great deal about design and life as a whole. They cover topics about ongoing trends and news relevant to the industry. Their show is insightful, sometimes funny, and occasionally about the unexpected which makes it a podcast that stands out.

From design inspiration to industry insights, these seven podcasts are guaranteed to provide new perspectives in the field. What are some of your favorite podcasts to listen to for design and architectural news and inspiration?

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