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Case Study - Lumiflon

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Generate awareness for Lumiflon resin technology to a variety of market audiences:

  • Architectural
  • Maintenance
  • Bridges


The SWOT analysis identified key advantages of Lumiflon:

  • Next generation resin technology
  • Expensive product with long-term benefits
  • Need for product education
  • Well established overseas

Strategic Considerations:

  • Utilize a push-pull education focus. Push at the paint company chemist/consultant and then pull through at the Architect specifier level
  • Webinars offered ideal and popular mechanism for target audience education
  • Social media growing in its significance to build brand awareness
  • Paint and Coatings Companies willing to co-promote
Lumiflon Brochure

Media Tactics:

Lumiflon Website


  • Increase in website traffic
  • Webinar CEU strategy has generated highly targeted and actionable sales leads which have led to an overall increase in sales volume