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3 Helpful External Tools To Boost Your Social Media Savvy

For most companies social media presents a unique set of challenges. Your business may struggle with how to participate in the social sphere. Countless services exist with the promise of helping you achieve a more efficient social media presence. Here are a few free resources that can assist your company in their social media know-how.

Tweetdeck is a third-party application that helps you "Tweet like a pro," the company boasts. The program allows you to add your brand's Twitter account to a designated dashboard. Within this dashboard you can schedule tweets hours, days, weeks or even months in advance. You can create columns that show your notifications, mentions, trending topics, searchable keywords, and more. Tweetdeck is particularly helpful for any social media participant who has multiple accounts to manage. All accounts can be featured in a single place, where your tweets are uploaded for an entire day within minutes.

Fotor is a website that allows users to create custom social media covers, banners, and posts. Although some of the options require payment, the majority of options are free and allow a company to create designs without having to remember the parameters of each website. For instance, Facebook shared media is best viewed at the parameters 940 pixels by 788 pixels, while media shared within a Twitter post is best viewed at 1024 pixels by 512 pixels. Parameters not only vary by social outlet, they change quite often as well. Fotor gives you templated posts and covers that allow any company to create designs without the hassle.

Audiense is another essential Twitter-based optimization tool. The site allows you to track in depth analytical data from your Twitter account including unfollows, inactive accounts, influencers, and a following and followers bio tag cloud featuring top keyword usage. The data is incredibly detailed, even showing the language and gender demographics of your network. It is a helpful tool for those seeking to go beyond the basic analytical data provided.

Social media is often consisted a daunting task, with its own set of challenges. Although an abundance of external tools exist, these will hopefully increase your company's social media savvy.

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