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The Video Advertisements That Helped Humanize Big Brands

As consumers, we’re quick to critique a big brand’s marketing efforts, should they even come off as slightly offensive. However, for what seems like every 100 terrible big brand ads we see, there is one that stands out to grab us emotionally.

Cynicism aside, these ads do succeed in creating smiles and gaining trust towards a brand name. In this post, we explore some of the best examples of how big brands have achieved the “human touch” in some of their more recent video ad campaigns.

Kleenex’s “Someone Needs One” campaign shares real-life stories that could bring viewers to tears. In this inspirational video, they share Chance’s story, a dog that was once hit by a car to be left for dead, and how he, and his new owner, are the perfect pair. Both wheelchair bound, Chance’s owner, Michael, tells us how Chance’s resilience has changed his life for the better. With this short and sweet video, Kleenex was able to generate over 23 million Facebook video views in less than a week, and even inspired users to share photos and stories of their special-needs pets in the comments below.

In Turkey, Samsung created what was quoted as a “real-life Truman Show” for a man with a hearing impairment. By training people to interact with him using sign language, the man was able to have a day without barriers of communication. After setting up cameras and recording his experiences, he finally came across an interactive billboard with a Samsung representative promoting their video call center for the hearing impaired.

Android’s “Friends Furever” video ad was creative, funny and simple. By using found footage of unlikely animal pairs getting along, they created what was considered at the time, the most viral ad ever. Created by renowned agency, Droga5, the video perfectly reflects Android’s brand statement, “Be Together. Not The Same.” While there was no product placement, it still leaves a positive image of the Android brand. Cute, funny and creative, this ad can be considered one of the best of 2015.

Through creative and heartwarming storytelling, these brands were able to create ads that resonated with their audiences. They have been favorably received and shared throughout social networks and content sites, serving as excellent examples of effective viral video advertising.

Information courtesy of © Adweek and DailyLiked.

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