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The Dark Side of Live Streaming Culture

Last year, Facebook launched live video streaming to the one billion people using the site. Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg expressed desire for a product that would support the “personal and emotional and raw and visceral” ways people communicate. Today, live-streaming has become a major trend on social media used for...

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Six Components of a Good Tweet

In the age of social media, people are highly dependent on information that comes from various social media platforms. Content is king in this day and age, and the information that you produce on your social media accounts can determine how influential you become in the social sphere. One successful...

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The Problem With Planned Obsolescence In Apple Products

In today’s fast-paced consumer electronics environment, devices such as our smartphones and laptops are designed and manufactured with the intention that they would have to be replaced within a finite amount of time. In addition, some manufacturers don’t provide replacement parts, requiring electronics owners to get repairs done...

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