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A Millennial’s Guide: Marketing x Snapchat

Snapchat has come a long way since its September 2011 launch, from trying to absorb developers Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown’s almost absurd initial concept of sending temporary images to having over 100 million users happily sending off seconds-long pictures and videos that are decked out in...

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When Architecture Benefits From Virtual Reality

Architecture firms not already adopting virtual reality (VR) in their offices are faced with how they are going to respond to the changes and benefits virtual reality brings to the profession. Where three-dimensional imaging and the benefits of computer programs such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) have left off, VR...

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Children's Advice And How It Relates To Social Media Marketing

We broke down some advice from a few 8-year olds into actionable steps you can take right now for marketing your business via social media. Sometimes advice in the simplest form makes the most impact. Do not keep secrets from your parents. In other words, be as open and transparent...

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Repurposing Shopping Carts Into Everyday Furniture

To Americans, shopping carts are a part of every day life. It is second nature to some of us to grab one before we enter a grocery, department or hardware store. Their utilitarian and monotonous design has varied slightly since their creation in 1937, signifying what can be interpreted as...

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