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When In Doubt, Laugh It Out: Brands Market Sensitive Products Through Humor

Advertising is a loud space where brands are everywhere and awareness is becoming more competitive. But, what happens when you sell a less than sexy product? How do you go about selling “sensitive” products in this competitive space?

These top brands have pushed their way into the advertising space with humor, a very specific type of humor, potty humor. Society tells us that the bathroom experience is uncomfortable and private. These brands have created video-advertisements that show the funny side of their products, and therefore their brands.

Toilet paper is one of the most widely used products in the world. And while some brands go the route of lovable characters not human at all, Quilted Northern took a more comical course. Quilted Northern is a household name, with one hundred years of experience since its creation in 1902. But, the toilet paper market is competitive and in a recent series of ads for the brand, ad company Droga5, created videos to highlight the essential purpose of toilet paper; to forget you went at all. The ad reps acknowledged that most people remember a toilet paper brand when the product fails so their ads highlight Quilted Northern’s best quality; it is, “Designed To Be Forgotten.”

Quilted Northern "Designed To Be Forgotten"

Poo-Pourri creator, Suzy Batiz from Dallas, Texas directly displays her quirky personality into her brand. The product, utilizing only natural essential oils and no harsh chemicals, is for the stealth potty-goer. The potty humor for the brand Poo-Pourri is seen throughout their website where you can “Join the Potty” with their email list or check out their series of viral videos explaining their brand in its truest form.

Poo-Pourri "Girls Don't Poop"

One brand recently surprised us all by educating us on proper potty techniques, which have largely contributed to our Irritable Bowel issues throughout the United States. One product claims to change the way we use the bathroom with the Squatty Potty. The lovable brand is family owned and operated by the Edwards out of Saint George, Utah and for their explosive entrance into the toilet arena the brand created a viral, and hilarious, video about their product.

Squatty Potty "This Unicorn Changed The Way I Poop"

There is no way to tip toe around some products, instead take them head on with advertisements that showcase the funny side of your brand by humanizing the experience for everyone. As one famous brand states,

"We all go, why not enjoy the go."

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